Manage time effectively

By Toan Tran

Every second that passes can never be regained, so before doing anything you should have a plan to manage time in the most scientific way, that we can avoid wasting time unnecessarily. However, many people still more worry about how can manage time effectively. Because they do not know how to take advantage and arrange work and life in the most suitable way. So how is an important time and how to have effective time management skills?

How can set the goal

Setting goals is the most scientific way of time management. When you have a clear goal, you will know what you need to do to achieve it. Of course, you want to do that, you must have a schedule for how long to complete the goal, then you will master the time and not let it go to waste.

List out what need to do

Careful to list out all things and priorities for per task, Do to-do list for the day, week, and month. This will make it easier for you to manage time effectively. You will know what you need to do at what time, so you won’t have to waste time remembering what you need to do today or what to do next after completing your task.

Priority your work with tool and technique 

Using the Matrix first thing first after you have a list of to-dos, take a moment to double-check which tasks need to be done first, and which ones can be left behind. The important tasks you should mark and do immediately to ensure the work is completed on time, then continue to do the rest.

Summary of work

Before the end of a working day, you should summarize the work at the end of the day to see what you have done and have not done, how much time you have spent on those tasks and are really effective. Is the time you spend on those tasks scientific yet, if there’s something unreasonable, find out the reason and fix it next days if can so that the next time will shorten the golden time to spend on the task.

Discipline and Habit with personal

To use your time wisely, you must also practice discipline and time-saving habits. you must set your own rules and follow them strictly. You may find it difficult and frustrating at first time, but if you practice slowly and adapt per day, you will get used to it, then everything will be in order and you will certainly find that you have more time for life as well as work, you will end the situation where every day is in a hurry to race with time, and everything is not finish as you want.


Focus is a great way to not waste time. When you’re doing something, focus all your energy and wisdom on your work, that not only brings high work results but also saves you a lot of time. Because when you focus, you will quickly complete the work and have time for other things.

Make the timeline schedule for work

To save time, you should set up a schedule timeline for per work such as: Determine the start time, the time for each stage, the end time and the total time to complete the work, then you will have a detailed plan and specific time, not afraid of affecting the work results and not wasting golden time.

Scientific workplace arrangement

Organizing your workplace scientifically helps you not to waste time searching for the necessary records and documents when you needed. A cluttered workplace with piles of new – old, important – unimportant documents is not only confusing, but it also takes a lot of time when you need to find a certain type of document. So, arrange your workplace neatly and scientifically, then you will have more time so you don’t have to waste time on useless work.