Hoa Binh System

Descriptions: Hoa Binh is a big corporation in Viet Nam and its business focuses on construction industry. Its web application is used to manage products, projects, tasks, human resource with claim…

Technologies: Lavarel, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, Support smart mobile, tablet devices.

Customer: Viet Nam

Reference: http://hbcr.vn

Asset Management System

Descriptions: This system supports operational staff with Asset Planning, Preventative Maintenance, Work Management, Inventory and Purchasing capabilities, reduce operational costs and risks …

Technologies: Lavarel, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, Angularjs, Support smart mobile, tablet devices.

Assign Task System - ATS

Descriptions: ATS is used to manage staffs’ tasks. The manager can create new tasks and assign them to staffs, review tasks’ status and make schedule for staffs.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 3.0, MSSQL 2008, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Angularjs, Support smart mobile, tablet devices.